Integration Patterns 

Move faster with proven and tested patterns that avoid common pitfalls and maximize project efficiency

A lot of integration questions appear to be universally relevant in every type of industry. Because many questions seem to continuously resurface, integration experts built a series of ready-to-use integration patterns over the years. All have been tested and proved successful in former integration projects with several customers in various industries. These integration patterns have been created to avoid common pitfalls and maximize project efficiency.

The integration patterns allow you to have faster, more homogenous and more transparent integration flows that meet your expectations and demands.


Out-of-the-box integration functionalities

Integration Cloud offers an extensive set of out-of-the-box integration functionalities:

  • Dynamic Content Based Routing
  • Business metadata are defined by you, and transform a technical message in a business message that even non-technical, rather functional users will understand
  • Dynamic Database driven routing
  • Database field mapping and replacement and enrichment
  • (Re)Sequencing of messages based on content values
  • Prevention of duplicate messages based
  • Functional error handling
  • Complex Message Validation
  • Exception handling
  • Change encoding of incoming messages
  • Zip and unzip messages

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