Hybrid Connectivity

Combine the strengths of both cloud and on-premises applications through a secured and monitored cloud integration layer.

A cloud-based integration solution that offers hybrid connectivity capabilities, like Integration Cloud, allows you to mix cloud-based integration with connecting on-premises applications and software services.

Integration Cloud sets up a hybrid integration platform that can easily grow with your business needs and new demands. As your infrastructure and thus integration needs may change over time, it is strategically important that your integration solution can easily deal with these changes.

A hybrid integration solution such as Integration Cloud is extremely flexible and easily adapts to new challenges or opportunities.

For most organizations, hybrid connectivity is becoming the new standard. Comprising both traditional IT systems and new cloud services, the hybrid model is enabling IT to leverage cloud technology and align with the needs of the business like never before.

Connectivity options

Hybrid Con List Of Adapters


Endpoint configuration

Hybrid Con Endpoint Configuration 

Hybrid cloud connector configuration

Hybrid Con Cloud Connector Configuration 

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