e-Invoicing SaaS in Integration Cloud

Automate and optimize your invoicing process by integrating your applications and business partners in a reliable, transparent cloud-based integration platform. E-Invoicing through Integration Cloud relieves you from all technological and legal concerns that typically complicate getting started with e-invoicing.

Streamline your e-Invoicing process

Streamline your order-to-cash process and reduce the amount of manual work of the accounting department. You can now automate and optimize your invoicing process by integrating your applications and business partners in a reliable, transparent cloud-based integration platform. The introduction of e-Invoicing may seem like a small adjustment, but it has the potential to impact your bottom line more significantly than you might have ever expected. How so?

Cost reductions on multiple levels

  • The invoice receiver is able to open the invoice information directly into its systems, which significantly accelerates its processing
  • Early adopters of Integration Cloud say that customers appear to pay electronic invoices more promptly.
  • Save printing and portal costs for outbound processing
  • Lower storage costs for incoming invoices
  • Your administrative department will experience a significant decrease in manual work

Legal compliancy, worry-free

  • Integration Cloud guarantees full compliancy with the European e-Invoicing regulations. In short, the regulations focus on 4 major points that are all fully taken into account in Integration Cloud:
    • Authenticity: Integration Cloud guarantees the authenticity of the sender by using certificates. The exchange messages (EDI, XML, PDF etc.) can be signed with an electronic signature which ensures the authenticity of the sender.
    • Integrity: The integrity of the message is guaranteed by encrypting its content and by securely storing all documents – both sent and received. This makes sure that the document content remains unchanged.
    • Readability: All documents on Integration Cloud – in every format (XML, EDI, FlatFile, etc…) – are humanly readable. It is a legal requirement to be able to give access to financial controllers, tax persons and anyone from the customers’ business. Access to these documents is obviously not granted without the required authorization.
    • Acceptance by customer: Every part of the end-to-end chain of a document exchange is logged. These logs, combined with the customer acknowledgement, are visualized towards the end-user in a user-friendly User Interface.
  • Regulatory initiatives are closely monitored and the necessary actions are taken to implement them in the e-Invoicing platform.

Technological liberation

  • With the Integration Cloud e-Invoicing solution, you will never have to worry about technology again.
  • Securely built upon the reliable Microsoft Azure technology, this e-Invoicing solution can be used in the “software as a service” model.

Ecological footprint

  • E-Invoicing reduces your ecological footprint, which proves to be a growingly critical criterion for companies when selecting business partners.


Document overview

E Invoicing Trading Partner Management


Trading partners agreements

E Invoicing Invoice Overview


Invoice details

E Invoicing Invoice Detail

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