Azure cloud integration technology

Integration Cloud is an online integration platform based on Microsoft Azure

Connecting your applications and business partners in a matter of hours? Discover Integration Cloud, the Azure cloud-based integration platform that is here to set up connections and integrations quickly and most efficiently, in a reliable and transparent cloud environment. No investments in hardware, licenses and installations required upfront.

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Why use cloud technology?

Cloud-based integrations are always extremely flexible and scalable, and Integration Cloud pushes this concept even further.

  • Scale out the platform based upon your business requirements.
  • Easily manage planned peaks or unforeseen high volumes.
  • Connect applications and business partners rapidly, with a minimum of overhead.

Business benefits

  • Faster time to value
    • Your integration solution can be set up in a matter of hours, allowing you to connect your processes rapidly and with a minimum of overhead
  • Integration as a Service, at YOUR service
    • No need for worries or doubts. Integration Cloud simplifies takes away the complexity of integrations, no matter the size of your company
    • Integration Cloud helps you cope with fast changing business needs, and deals with the integrations needed when your business grows
    • While you focus on your core business, we take care of hardware, deployment, support and monitoring of your integration solution
  • Multi-scenario
    • Integration Cloud is extremely flexible
    • It suits a wide range of business needs with out-of-the-box support for B2B integrations, EAI, SaaS integration, setting up secure connections with mobile devices, e-Invoicing, Internet of Things, Workflow and many more
  • Visibility
    • Workflows enable managers to see what is happening with critical processes at any moment in time and in the process

Operational benefits

  • Start small, grow big
    • Start small, learn, and grow your integration environment whenever your business needs it  
  • Scalability
    • Scale your integration platform up or down in line with your business peaks
  • High Availability by design
    • Run your integration processes at geo-clustered cloud scale against redundant storage
  • Disaster proof
    • Safely store your data in these world-class Microsoft data centers, known for their unique and reliable disaster-proof concept
    • Settle for nothing less. Integration Cloud has even developed its own disaster procedure
  • Connectivity
    • Adapters make out-of-the-box connectivity with other systems a piece of cake 


Built on Microsoft Azure technology, Integration Cloud fully leverages the benefits and capabilities of both Azure and cloud technology. Designed and developed by integration experts, the online platform brings you years of integration experience "as a service", at your immediate disposal. Integration Cloud is a business-oriented and user-friendly integration platform. Use it in combination with Codit Managed Services, and you will no longer need to worry about servers, monitoring, alerts, infrastructure or management of your integration solution.  

What customers say

Johan Sørensen, Manager Business Support Systems

Many companies still believe switching to the cloud is a risk. We believe it is the future and see it as a very strong commercial argument.

Johan Sørensen, Manager Business Support Systems, Marine Harvest

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