Connect mobile apps 

To make your enterprise fully mobile, first rethink your integration strategy 

Mobile solutions need data. If you or your app developer start building the app, make sure to have your managed API ready and secured.  

Connect Mobile Apps Integration Cloud

API management and SOA governance  

One of the steps in any integration process is synchronizing the data and logic that often reside in on-premises solutions. To make this data available in real-time, you need to deal with security, SOA governance and API management. Allow your customers and mobile co-workers to connect to your services anytime, anywhere, and on any device – but in a controlled and secured manner.

Integration Cloud helps you look far beyond the app and the device. This solution urges you to rethink your integration strategy to make your enterprise fully mobile.

Why go mobile with Integration Cloud?

Why go mobile?

  • The more your mobile workforce can do outside your offices, the more efficient their work will be
  • Mobile employees are more productive and help your business drive more revenue
  • It is possible to capture the full business knowledge inside your company, but not in your workers’ heads or hard copy notes
  • Because you can expose data to anyone who needs it, you can provide a customer service second to none
  • The management team can run the business from anywhere, at any time

Why use Integration Cloud?

  • With Integration Cloud, you can securely expose your business logic and data to the outside world
  • Your mobile workers have complete access to everything they need, at all times
  • You can fully control access rights, introduce user roles and apply access policies.
  • Mobile users only see what you allow them to. They will not know how the data is being retrieved and where it is retrieved from
  • Use cloud scalability to handle peaks in mobile usage
  • Support for modern API design
  • Secure by nature

Real life examples

Meter reading – making the work of a controller easy, staying connected to the ERP system at all times

Meter Reading Integration Cloud

  • Energy meter ID input
  • ERP returns customer info for verification
  • Meter reading input
  • Validation
  • ERP sends a confirmation message when the data is saved

End-to-end order tracking - Delivering packages? Excel in your customer service by communicating the time of arrival by SMS

Order Tracking Integration Cloud

  • E-mail delivery estimations
  • The truck driver updates the progress of the ERP system via a mobile device
  • SMS confirmation to customer with expected time of arrival
  • Delivery delays? ERP sends update to all affected customers

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