Internet of Things: IoT

Gain deep insight in your business and predict the future as never before.

The key to achieving maximum value from the (big) data in your business, is in combining different sources. Use the data of several sources for further analysis, machine learning or stream processing. IoT helps you Measure, Analyze, Predict and Automate data and draw conclusions based on the results of the analysis. Internet of Things is everywhere: in the devices, the sensors, the cloud services and in all the data of your business.

IoT Measure Analyze Predict Automate steps

The IoT Value Chain

IoT Value Chain Integration Cloud

It is easy to set up an open, extensible IoT platform on your terms. Integrate it within Integration Cloud to effortlessly collect data from different sources, inside and outside your organization. Use IoT to process data or route device commands in a secured, performant and standardized way for any scenario. Integration Cloud will also alert anomalies and other business triggers and send the info to the appropriate systems or users.

Want to get started with Internet of Things quickly and easily, and on your own terms? Contact us and learn more about this Azure-based IoT offering:

  • It offers you endless flexibility: open for extensibility, free of any vendor lock-ins.
  • You can rely on a well-architected secure IoT platform that is ready for the future and built upon +15 years of integration experience.
  • The integrated, secure Microsoft Azure-based IoT framework fully leverages the components and services of the Azure IoT suite and beyond.

Why IoT and Integration Cloud?

Why apply Internet of Things?

  • Measure to learn
    • Gain new business insights through real-time analyses and machine learning
    • Make informed decisions
    • Plan resources and interventions better
  • Predict
    • Use the wealth of your collected data to outsmart your peers
    • Empower yourself and your business to anticipate to possible future problems
  • Automate your business based on learned statistics & predictions
  • Offer new, extended services to your customers

Why use Integration Cloud?

  • Integrate telemetry events with external data sources
  • Automated intelligence and workflows
    • By leveraging business rules, data analysis and reporting, automated actions can be implemented and processes can be triggered
  • Secure and scalable data collection
  • Real-time analytics & data transformation

Real life examples of IoT

Use machine learning to optimize your solar energy installation

 Solar Energy Installation Integration Cloud

  • Panels send data to the event hub every minute
  • Azure Stream Analytics aggregates data and sends them to Integration Cloud
  • Daily reports about solar energy generation
  • Problem monitoring, detection of data anomalies
  • Alerts are being implemented on Integration cloud

Keep it cool at all times.

Temperature Monitoring Integration Cloud 

  • Temperature sensors send data to Azure
  • Azure Stream Analytics analyzes data
  • Several flows in Integration Cloud consume the Stream Analytics data
  • Monitor room temperature and have your finger on the pulse via SMS warnings (particularly useful for server rooms)
  • Take counter measurements before issues arise

How speed control over distance works

Traffic Control Integration Cloud

  • Smart cameras take pictures and recognize number plates
  • The number plate and time registration data are sent to the event hub
  • Stream Analytics combines events and calculates speed from point A to B
  • In case of speeding, Integration Cloud receives the data to retrieve the driver information from Government services. It combines all data to create a fine (in PDF format)
  • Fine communication
    • SMS warning to the driver
    • Electronic or postal delivery of the fine
  • Fine archived in SFTP server

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