Easy e-Invoicing

Improve your financial management, compliant with EU regulations.  

Companies have several reasons for choosing an automated invoicing process. But the most important one would be improving their financial management. Integration Cloud saves you money and time and relieves you from legal and technological concerns about e-Invoicing.

e-Invoicing with Integration Cloud

Why e-Invoicing? 

  • e-Invoicing eliminates a great deal of manual interactions. It improves your order-to-cash processes, which often results in prompt payment of your invoices.
  • Automated invoicing is fast, simple, efficient, economical and durable. It brings significant cost reductions without requiring a major capital investment.
  • Because of the massive efficiency benefits, the European Commission is developing more regulations and supporting several initiatives promoting e-Invoicing for businesses and public authorities in Europe.

Discover how e-Invoicing through Integration Cloud streamlines your invoicing process

Why use Integration Cloud for e-Invoicing?

Business benefits

  • User-friendly e-Invoicing solution
  • Legal compliance with European e-Invoicing regulations
  • Fast and reliable document delivery
  • Large cost reduction (no paper, less manual work)
  • Reduction of ecological footprint

Technical benefits

  • Support for a wide variety of e-invoicing standards (e-FFF, GS1, PEPPOL, e-PRIOR, Doccle…)
  • Out-of-the-box support for PDF, EDIFACT and X12
  • Connectivity over AS2 and X400
  • Embedded security features (timestamping, signing and encryption, PDF signing)
  • Out-of-the-box message archiving and tracking

How it works, a real life example

E-invoice Integration Cloud

e-Invoicing connected to your ERP system: works like a charm

  • Exchange of all types of messages: EDI, XML, …
  • Sender authentication through e-signature
  • Conversion to standardized formats: e-FFF, PEPPOL,…
  • Message encryption and secure storage for data integrity
  • Visualization of the end-to-end chain log
  • Access to documents in readable formats for business users


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