B2B cloud integration

Connect with new trading partners instantly.

Companies integrate applications inside their own data center and extend the integration solution to connect with business partners (customers, logistics, government,…). Although these processes are much alike on a technical level, their implementation differs and demands another approach. Integration Cloud helps you set up a compliant data exchange with your business partners in no time. It’s customary to start with e-Invoicing.

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B2B: a business facilitator

An integration solution should make work in your business easier. Connecting new business partners with your line of business applications is a critical aspect in the efficiency of your administrative processes and the cost-effectiveness of your enterprise. The setup, maintenance and monitoring should be as cost effective and efficient as possible. With smart B2B integrations, you allow your key staff to focus on the business, instead of on technology.

Why use Integration Cloud for B2B?

Business benefits

  • Set up new B2B connections much faster, which boosts your company growth and improves your business relationships
  • Gain business visibility on B2B flows
  • Secure and isolate external extensions more easily
  • Benefit from unlimited storage capabilities for tracking data
  • Reduce costs

Operational benefits

  • Always-on B2B connections, enabling fast data exchange
  • No need to open your firewall for every new B2B-partner, which will significantly shorten the turnaround time of new integrations
  • Scale and grow depending on the number of connections
  • Out-of-the-box EDI/X12 support
  • A wide variety of B2B protocols supported

Real life B2B examples in the cloud

How a car assembly plant easily processes various purchase orders to multiple suppliers

Purchase Integration Cloud

  • Order issued from ERP to Integration Cloud
  • Rooting and transformation to different formats and protocols
    • Signed PDF via e-mail
    • CSV file via SFTP
    • XML message via SOAP

In this example, Integration Cloud is using a different protocol to communicate with Supplier A, B and C. Notice that no single application is aware of the complete business process. That business process, along with the intelligence required to coordinate all of the parts, is implemented in Integration Cloud.

Automation of conference registrations: say goodbye to manual work!

Hotel Integration Cloud

  • Website registration until closing day
  • Flat file export to SFTP folder – monitored by Integration Cloud
  • Integration Cloud picks up flat file and triggers a business flow
    • Hotel selection for each attendee
    • Confirmation message data collection
    • PDF generation and storage in SharePoint
    • Confirmation communication
    • Attendee list creation in PDF and storage on FTP

In this example, Integration Cloud is converting a flat file to xml, integrating with Office 365, creating a PDF, sending e-mails and using SFTP for import.

Changing from one energy company to the other doesn’t have to be complex, thanks to Integration Cloud 

Energy Supplier Integration Cloud

  • New customers register online
  • Their data is being sent to Integration Cloud and then routed to the ERP system
  • Upon the creation of the customer in ERP,
    • the person’s financial credibility needs to be checked
    • the Governmental Agency needs to approve the switch
  • Upon approval or denial, the customer receives the appropriate confirmation or refusal message

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